Dr. Edwin Cevallos A.

Oncologist, Chemo and Radiation Therapist, Researcher, Scientist, Creator of BIRM

Medical Oncologist, Scientist, tireless researcher, but above all a sensitive human being, who has devoted his life to the health and welfare of his fellow men. Creator of BIRM, the first Immunomodulator of natural origin and proudly Ecuadorian product with international recognition. His life has been dedicated to research and immunotherapy.

In more than 40 years, several studies have been conducted that support the effectiveness of BIRM.



Thanks to his great trajectory, Dr. Edwin Cevallos Arellano has been nationally and internationally recognized and invited to participate in conferences in the most important medical congresses worldwide.

Main awards:


1.     Award to Dr. Edwin Cevallos Arellano "In recognition of his valuable scientific contribution in the fight against Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome AIDS" granted by the Latin American Association for Human Rights ALDHU. Quito, Ecuador. November, 1993

2.     First International BIRM® Congress sponsored by the Ministry of Government of Ecuador, Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador, CONACYD, Catholic University of Quito, and Catholic University of Guayaquil. Radisson Hotel, Quito, Ecuador. July, 1997

3.     Decoration in the National Order "Honorato Vásquez", in the Rank of Commander. Awarded by the Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador. Quito, Ecuador. December 12, 2003

4.     Decoration awarded by the National Congress of Ecuador for his work as "Ecuadorian Scientist and Researcher", March 2004.

5.     The Pan American Medical Association (PAMA) grants the highest award for "Scientific Merit" for having contributed exceptionally to the progress of Ecuadorian Medicine. Paraninfo of the Casona Universitaria of the University of Guayaquil. Guayaquil, Ecuador. January 7, 2005

6.     Recognition for his "Immeasurable scientific contribution in the area of health, through the renowned BIRM syrup, whose healing power has saved many lives". Awarded by the "Local Health Committee of the Parish of Machachi (CLS)" of the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador. Machachi, Ecuador. June, 2, 2016

7.     Dr. Ramón Lazo Salazar Scientific Merit Award for having made an exceptional contribution to the progress of Ecuadorian Medicine, granted by the Pan American Medical Association (PAMA). Radisson Hotel. Guayaquil, Ecuador. October 18, 2019

8.     The Pan American Medical Association (PAMA) grants the highest award for "Scientific Merit" for having made an exceptional contribution to the progress of Ecuadorian Medicine. Guayaquil, Ecuador. October 25, 2019.

1.     "Recognition of Scientific Merit to the creator of BIRM, the first Ecuadorian product in prevention and treatment of cancer, AIDS, autoimmune and degenerative diseases", by María José Carrión, Assemblywoman for the Province of Pichincha. Quito, Ecuador. November 27, 2019

2.     I International Congress on Pathologies Associated with SARS-CoV-2 organized by the Pan American Medical Association (PAMA) in honor of Dr. Edwin Cevallos Arellano. Guayaquil, Ecuador. November 11-14, 2020.

3.     Certification as a registered researcher in the System of Registration, Accreditation and Categorization of National and Foreign Researchers. Quito - Ecuador, February 2021.




1.     Presentation of the medical results obtained with BIRM® in the treatment of AIDS patients, at the World AIDS Congress. Vancouver, Canada. July, 1996

2.     Interview with the discoverer of the AIDS virus and current Nobel Prize in Medicine Dr. Luc Montagnier, France, 1996.

3.     Designation by the Universidad Central del Ecuador as a candidate representing Ecuador in the call for scientific and technological institutions from Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Spain and Portugal for the "Mexico Science and Technology Award." Science Advisory Council of the United Mexican States. June 26, 1997

4.     Appointment as a researcher at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Immunomodulators and Antitumorals of Natural Origin, 2000.

5.     Presentation of BIRM® at the First Congress on Immunotherapy for Cancer, Allergies and Autoimmunity organized by the Ministry of Health of Panama. May,2006

6.     Patent granted to BIRM by the United States of America as "Anti-Prostate Cancer" USA - since July, 2007.

7.     Decoration awarded by the Illustrious Municipality of Canton Rumiñahui called "General

Rumiñahui" for having collaborated with the progress and development of Medical Science with the creation of the BIRM®. Quito, Ecuador. May 31, 2010

8.     Recognition granted by the Colombian-Ecuadorian Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Integration. "In recognition to Dr. Edwin Cevallos for his contributions to scientific research". Colombian-Ecuadorian Chamber of Industry. Bogotá, Colombia. November, 2014

9.     Recognition granted by Sector Latinoamérica for dedication to the healing of people called "Por amor a la vida" (For the love of life). Lima, Peru. September, 2016

10.  The International Medical-Scientific Congress and Business Development in Health (SIISDET) in the "Aula Máxima y Paraninfo" Claustro de San Agustín - University of Cartagena, delivery of the recognition: "PRIZE TO THE LEADER IN RESEARCH AND HEALTH SCIENCES FOR THE BENEFIT OF MANKIND 2018". Cartagena, Colombia, November 21-24, 2018.


12.  The highest distinction awarded to distinguished professionals in the different health sciences for recognized achievements, professional performance, merit, dedication, ethics, perseverance, effort and dedication.


For the scientific relevance demonstrated in the academic paper and bibliographic support, referring to the opportunity and convenience of the research topic in the national and international context.


For its participation in the III International Medical Scientific and Health Business Development Congress SIISDET - Integramos la Salud Mundial.

15.  Recognition "Award for the Best Investigation Work 2018" with the topic: "Biological Modulator of the Immune Response BIRM® - Prevention and Treatment in Cancer" awarded by SIISDET to Dr. Edwin Cevallos, MD from Ecuador, at the III International Medical Scientific Congress" Cartagena, Colombia. Nov 24, 2018

16.  HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, Office of Online Learning, External Education "HMX Fundaments - Immunology" June 14, 2019.

17.  Award and honorary degree “Honorary Doctor in Medical Sciences" awarded by SIISDET to Dr. Edwin Cevallos, M.D. from Ecuador. University of Miami. Miami, FL - USA. October 26, 2019

18.  Master Degree in Education in the Area of Teaching and Research, awarded by the University of Santander, Cancun, Mexico. February 18, 2020.

19.  Award for Philanthropy in Education and Research granted by SIISDET, at the VI International Medical Scientific and Business Development Congress in Health - United for Health. Bogota - Colombia. June 24, 25 and 26, 2021.

20.  Granting of honorary Doctorate in Health, the highest honorary degree granted by SIISDET, at the VII International Medical Scientific and Business Development Congress - SIISDET, Reencuentro de Dos Continentes- Unificando Conceptos (Reunion of Two Continents- Unifying Concepts). Santander - Spain, June 3-5, 2022.



1.     New Chemotherapy Scheme in Advanced Cervical Uterine Cancer, presented at the Medical Conference held at the Acapulco Convention Center. Mexico, 1974.

2.     Clinical Research Work in Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy. Mexican Institute of Social Security and National Medical Center Hospital of Oncology. Mexico City, Mexico. February, 1976.

3.     Curative Treatment of Incurable Cerebral Cysticercosis with Cobalt 60, sponsorship, award and institutional recommendation by the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología CONCYT No. 851204, presented to the the Albert Einstein World Council held in Monterrey, Mexico. August 1985.

4.     Cobalt Surgery Research in Incurable Cerebral Cysticercosis presented at the World Cultural Council. Stockholm, Sweden. November, 1985

5.     Chemical report and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of BIRM ingredients. Spectral Data Services Inc. IL. USA, June, 1990

6.     Research "Antiviral evaluation of BIRM® (plant extract) against the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)". Southern Research Institute. Birmingham-Alabama USA. July, 1990.

7.     Histological study of Birm on tissues. Histology Laboratory, Autonomous University of Zacatecas. Mexico, June, 1994

8.     World AIDS Congress Vancouver - Canada. With the performed studies, it is ratified and concluded that BIRM proves to be the most potent stimulator and modulator of the immune system, 1996.

9.     Researcher at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Immunomodulators and Antitumoral Agents of Natural Origin. Studies in colon cancer, rectal cancer and leukemia. Madrid, Spain. April, 2000.

10.  Scientific Study entitled "An orally active amazonian plant inhibits prostate cancer growth and metastasis" with Dr. D.S. Dandekar, Dr. V.B.Lokeshar, Dr. M.S. Soloway, PhD. B.L. Lokeshwar. Department of Urology- University of Miami, Miller School. Author. USA. May, 2003

11.  Study of "Acute oral toxicity of the product BIRM" General conclusion: BIRM considered safe for human use. Center for Biological Research and Evaluation Studies (CEIEB). University of Havana. Cuba. June, 2006

12.  Study of immunomodulatory effect of BIRM solution. General conclusion: BIRM revealed immunomodulatory effect. Institute of Angiology. Havana, Cuba. July, 2006

13.  Patent No. US 7,250,180 B2 "Anti-Prostate Cancer Composition and Therapeutic Uses Therefor" granted to BIRM® by the United States of America. USA. As of July, 2007

14.  Research conducted by the University of Miami on the application of BIRM® in Prostate Cancer. Grant awarded by the National Cancer Institute of the United States (NIH-USA) 2007-2014.

15.  Acute Toxicity Study of BIRM Immunomodulator. General conclusion: BIRM considered innocuous. Institute of Angiology. Havana, Cuba. February 2010

16.  Scientific Study named "Amazonian Plant Extract BIRM Reverses Chronic Neuropathic Pain in Rat Sciatic Nerve Chronic Constriction Injury Model" together with Dr. Ravalji, M. Dr. Buch, P., Dr. Uggini, G. K., Dr. Awasthi, A., Dr. Balakrishnan, S. Department of Zoology - University of Baroda. India. Co-author. December 2015

17.  Efficacy study of BIRM as an analgesic and neuropathic pain reducing agent. Maharaja Sayijirao University of Baroda-India, 2015.

18.  Research conducted by the University of Miami on the application of BIRM in prostate cancer, which concludes that its application achieves the programmed death (apoptosis) of malignant cells, Miami 2016.

19.  BIRM Phytochemical Progress Report. University of Antioquia. Colombia. October, 2017

20.  Study of "Antioxidant Activity of the BIRM Immunomodulator product". Southbrough,

21.  MA.USA April 2018


23.  Scientific study entitled "Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and anti-neuroinflammatory properties of BIRM in vitro" together with Dr. Ravalji. Co-author Publication in progress. July, 2019




1.     Founding member of the Ecuadorian Society of Hepatology, 1974.

2.     Founding member of the Latin American Society of Hepatology, 1974.

3.     Member of CRILA, 1980

4.     Active Member of the World Organization for Alternative Medicine (WOMMA)

5.     Member of the Latin American Society of Pediatric Oncology, 1980.

6.     Member of the American Chemotherapy Society, 1982.

7.     Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science AAAS since May ,1994

8.     Member of the International AIDS Society since 1994.

9.     Member of The Radiological Society of North America. Since December, 1996

10.  Member of the American Society of Radiology, 1997.

11.  Member of the New York Academy of Science since January, 1998.

12.  Member of The National Geographic Society. Since January, 2000

13.  Member of SBUR (Society for Basic Urologic Research) Since 2009

14.  Member of the Pan American Medical Association (PAMA) as of November 2019.