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BIRM KIDS Oral Solution 120ml

Formula developed for children that has a nanoparticulate vegetable-based flavoring that keeps them healthy while


BIRM KIDS with natural flavoring made with vegetable nanoparticles, so that the little ones enjoy being protected with a Powerfully Balanced Immune System, so they are ready to fight diseases. Product of natural origin. It is a powerful antioxidant that can also be taken by newborns because it lacks toxicity. Adjuvant in the treatment of all types of diseases.


BIRM KIDS, a 100% NATURAL product with no side effects and no sugar.


BIRM KIDS with Dulcamara extract, a plant native to the Amazon region of Ecuador, is a natural product that does not cause side effects and can be consumed from newborns to children 12 years of age.


Your children with a strengthened immune system: provide children with a balanced immune system to keep them healthy and ready to fight disease effectively.


The best support for children's health: BIRM KIDS is a powerful adjuvant that can help alleviate the effects of common health problems. Daily consumption aids in faster recovery.


Flavoring without added sugar: A delicious flavor designed for the little ones with vegetable nanoparticles, natural sweeteners of the medicinal plants, to avoid the use of sugars or similar that are harmful to health. For this reason, BIRM KIDS is a product that can be consumed by diabetic children.


Other features and benefits offered by BIRM Kids:


- The only one with a patented formula in the USA

- Formidable physical and mental development

- Delicious flavor based on nanoparticles

- Daily dose of only 4ml


Help your child's immune system always be ready to prevent or fight disease Add BIRM KIDS to your shopping cart TODAY!